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11 - 14 April

Anano Janashia

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Untitled, 2022

Wool, Natural Dye 40x30cm

3 000$

The tapestry is woven with a unique single tip knitting technique, with naturally dyed

fleece threads, produced in a now defunct Soviet fabric manufactory. The technique

was passed down to the artist by a family member Marina Janashia who holds a

copyright to it issued by National IPCG (Intellectual Property Center Georgia).

Untitled, 2022

Tapestry, Wool, Natural Dye 110x110cm

15 000$

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Anano Janashia is a Tbilisi based artist, whose practice spans mixed media paintings and


She previously attended a BFA program at VAADS Tbilisi and is currently studying at Tbilisi

State Academy of Arts.