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11 - 14 April

Vanda Art Gallery

Vanda Art Gallery



Address: 14 Chonkadze Str.

Phone: +995 32 293 42 86, +995 599 56 99 71

presented works

Alim Rijinashvili

“Composition #6”

 Acrylic on canvas; 80 x 100 cm. 2013 Year. 

Alim Rijinashvili

“Composition #2”

 Acrylic on canvas; 120 x 160 cm. 2012 Year.

Alim Rijinashvili

“Composition #7”

 Acrylic on canvas; 100 x 150 cm. 2012 Year. 

Alim Rijinashvili

“Composition #5”

 Acrylic on canvas; 120 x 160 cm. 2012 Year. 

Alim Rijinashvili

“Composition #4”

 Acrylic on canvas; 120 x 160 cm. 2014 Year. 

Rita Khachaturian

“The Guard” (Diptych)

Oil on canvas; 220 x 130 cm. 2024 Year. 

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Art Gallery Vanda is one of the very first private art galleries in Georgia. Established in 1993 by twin siblings Vanda and Alexander Mujiri, it has since evolved into one of the country's premier private galleries. Its primary aim is to showcase and promote contemporary Georgian art and contribute to the development of the local art market.

Vanda Art Gallery collaborates with numerous Georgian artists, some of whom are exclusively represented. It also actively partners with foreign artists and galleries, engaging in new projects. Since 1995, the gallery has been actively promoting Georgian art internationally, participating in major art festivals and exhibitions.

A key focus of the gallery is to discover and promote young artists and new talents, making it an important platform for aspiring artists. Over its 30-year existence, the gallery has hosted up to seven hundred exhibitions, gaining extensive experience and recognition both locally and internationally. The gallery also has considerable experience in curating private and corporate collections.

Vanda Art Gallery showcases artists in both the Galleries and HIVE sections.

In the gallery section, visitors can explore entirely fresh paintings by Rita Khachaturian alongside the late period creations of the exceptional artist Alim Rijinashvili, whose talent remains undiscovered by the general public.

Meanwhile, the HIVE section introduces new artworks by the emerging artist Shako Khrikuli.

artists presented

Gallery "Vanda" represents artists in both the gallery and workshop section.

In the gallery section, Rita Khachaturian's brand new canvases and outstanding painter Alim Rizhinashvili's recent works, unknown to the general public, will be presented.

In the "workshop" section, the gallery will exhibit new works of the young artist Shako Khrikul.