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11 - 14 April

The virtual gallery- Curator from Azerbaijan Sabine Shikhlinskaya

22-25 September
ExpoGeorgia, 11th Hall
118 Tsereteli Avenue

Curator from Azerbaijan Sabine Shikhlinskaya, who presented in TAF 2019 a large exhibition on gender equality, that was highly praised in the international media, will come back to TAF with an exhibition combining physical and virtual presentations never shown before. The virtual gallery at Boyuk-Zire (Nargin) island presents photo-documentation of installations and performances, which were created on that island in 2003 by artists Olegs Tillbergs (Latvia), Lado Pochkhua (Georgia) and Brice Mathey (France). All photographs were made by Sanan Alaskarov (Azerbaijan). Artists Chingiz Babayev (Azerbaijan), Huseyn Hagverdi (Azerbaijan), Guga Kotetishvili (Georgia), Eimantas Ludavicius (Lithuania) also took part in the project of 2003. The project was held under the name The Island.  For 10 days, the project participants lived on the island. In spite of the fact that the island was inhabited, one could still feel the spirit of past epochs. In the near future, the island is to be completely reorganized, so that its unusual atmosphere would disappear, and the history would be forgotten. Following the idea of the curators Sabina Shikhlinskaya ( Azerbaijan) and Ketevan Kordzakhia (Georgia), the main purpose of the project was to fix, in cine film or in photo film, a piece of the past saved by a miracle, and share what they saw with spectators.