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11 - 14 April


22 - 25 September, 2022, Georgia



Street: 29 rue de BIèvre

City, Zip Code, Country: Paris, 75005, France


Contact Person: Chichmanov Guillaume

Telephone: +33610660677



List of shown artists: Timothée Li,    Aleksander Barkovskiy

Artists presented


Columns. Timothee Li. Chinese ink on satin paper 100x70 cm. 2022

L’Aleatoire gallery presents three contrasting depictions of a world out of balance: the deserted cities of the Franco-Chinese artist Timothée Li, the Gypsy Madonnas of the Uzbek artist Aleksander Barkovskiy and the States of soul of the Franco-Russian artist Daria Krotova Schlosser.

Leading the viewer on an almost mystical journey, Timothée Li takes us into an imaginary world with a sumptuous and forgotten past, deserted cities, impressive abandoned buildings with meticulous details. With the Gypsy Madonnas, Barkovskiy introduces us to the “liouli” Gypsies of Asia, pariahs who live off the garbage of the city. Rethinking the “dirty beggar” stereotype, he represents young mothers under the purest symbol, that of the Madonna with child. Daria's sculptures return the trivialised image of the heart to the clinical field; her hearts, dark, bloody, compressed, mistreated,  form a new alphabet of moods.

Image title

Moods. Daria Krotova Schlosser. Paper, watercolour, sanguines and charcoal. 2022

Image title

Gipsy Madonna. Aleksander Barkovkiy. Mixed technic. Photo lithography, watercolor, tempera, gouache. 30X45cm.