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11 - 14 April

key figures

22 - 25 September, 2022, Georgia

13500 Visitors

26 Galleries

38 Hive (artists space)

4 Books and Art Multiples shops


22 - 25 September, 2022, Georgia


Spike Art Magazine; The Artnewspaper; Stirworld; Le Quotidien de l’art; Konbini; Il giornale dell’arte

Art professionals (International)

Anna Somers Cocks (Founder the Art Newspaper)

Jean-Philippe Reza (collector, France)

Stephane Cristol (collector, France)

Charlotte Philips (collector, UK)

Nicolas V. Iljin (collector, Germany/France)

Sandy and Jane Angus (Angus Montgomery - UK)

Marc Franco (advisor for Bozar, commissaire Europalia - Belgium)

Rita Janssen (advisor for Bozar - Belgium)

Dirk Vermaelen (Europalia, Belgium)

Rafael Pic (Le Quotidien de l’Art)

Brain Droitcour (Art in America, Outland)

Monika Cejková (curator, National Gallery, Prague)

Inga Lace (curator, MoMa NY)

Margot Norton (curator, New Museum, NYC)

Gean Moreno (curator, ICA Miami)

Arantza Aramburu (IWPA)

Charlotte Vilgrain (collector, France)

Roland and Isabelle Carta (collectors, France)

Philippe and Claire Coutin (collectors, France)

Gregor Jansen (Kunsthalle Dusseldorf)

Laurie Ziegler (collector, USA)

Brian Ruhl (collector, USA)

Jean-Patsite Peron (collector, France)

Olga Pogasova (curator, France)

Dorian Batycka (Artnet)

Werner Bloch (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

Simone Subal (selection committee Paris+, Galerist, Switzerland/NY)

Alicia Bock (curator, National Modern Art Museum, Paris)

Pierre Alexandre Mateos (curator, Paris)

Chalres Teyzzou (curator, Paris)

Sonata Baliuckaite (Art Vilnius)

Konstantin Doroshenko (art writer, Ukraine)

Alexey Pryima (collector, Russia)

press coverage

22 - 25 September, 2022, Georgia

selected quotes and sources

"Tbilisi is sustaining its tradition of hospitality, intellectual independence, and cozy bohemianism. As with all good fairs, visitors came for the art, but stayed for the parties!"

“Tbilisi Art Fair, which celebrated its 3rd edition last week, is a privileged observatory on the Global South”.

"The most successful edition of the fair…with prices ranging from 100 to 35 thousand euros it's the kind of event where you can buy without first consulting your financial
“The event also contributed to the rediscovery of the country's artistic past.”

"The talented young art scene honored at the Tbilisi Art Fair."
"Tbilisi Art Fair rolls out the red carpet to the hottest art news."

“The outlook for Georgia’s art scene is very positive, it has developed quickly over the last few years.”
“The fair is particularly strong in the photography sector.”
“Georgian art is going strong, and is being discovered and rediscovered.”

“The third edition of the Tbilisi Art Fair, which is taking place in Georgia, is one event where a person would wish to spend enough time. It revitalises the local and international art scene by broadening opportunities for artistic scenes, particularly in the Caucasus, Central, and Eastern Europe, and by providing access to artists who
are difficult to find in central art markets.”

Extracts taken from:
The Artnewspaper, Spike Art Magazine, Le Quotidien de l’art, Il giornale dell’arte, Stirworld,Konbini