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11 - 14 April

key figures

17 - 20 May, 2018, Georgia

8 325 Visitors

33 Galleries

45 Hive (artists space)

5 Books and Art Multiples shops

980 Artworks exhibited

320 000$ Approximate amount of sales

250$ to 30 000$ Approximate price range of artworks sold

Countries represented by artists and exhibitors: Georgia, Armenia, Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, USA, Belgium, Spain, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Iran, Kazakhstan, UK, Austria, Hungary, Belarus, Spain, Japan, Lithuania, Turkey.

Countries web audience overview (in order of importance): Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, UAE, France, UK, Germany, Armenia, Israel, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia. Countries with most visitors: Russia, Turkey, UK, France, Belgium, USA, Germany, UAE, Armenia, Austria).


17 - 20 May, 2018, Georgia


Ana Somers-Cocks (The Art Newspaper, UK)

Hili Perlson (ArtNet, UK)

Munos-Alonso Lorena (The Art Newspaper, UK)

Sarah Boulton (AQNB, UK)

Noemi Smolik (Frieze Magazine, Germany)

Dimitri Butkevich (Kommersant, Russia)

Ekaterina Wagner (The Art Newspaper, Russia)

Olga Troscher (Vienna art review, Austria)

Brian Droitcour (Art Forum, Art In America, USA)

Kate Sutton (Artforum, USA)

Anna Kats (USA)

Simon Hewitt (Art Territory, Russian art & culture, Switzerland)

Art professionals (International)

Jeff Cowen (artist -USA)

Lee and Irene Breslau (architects -USA)

Margot Norton (curator New Museum in New York -USA)

Thomas Delamarre (curator, Fondation Cartier in Paris -France)

Nicolas V. Iljin (advisor to the general director of State Hermitage -France)

Fabien Seraidarian (consultant -France)

David Juda (gallerist -UK)

Anthony Reynolds (gallerist -UK)

Rupert Faulkner (curator, Victoria and Albert Museum -UK)

Igor Tsukanov (collector -UK)

Irina Kronrod (Sotheby’s -UK)

Sandy Angus (Angus Montgomery - UK)

Matthew Stephenson (Archipenko Foundation, Photographer’s Gallery London -UK)

Anders Shroeder (collector -UK, Germany)

Rainald Schumacher (curator -Germany)

Dr. Eva Huttenlauch (curator Städtische Gallerie im Lehbachhaus und Kunstbau Munich -Germany)

Bettina Steinbruge (director Kunstverien Hamburg -Germany)

Ute Grosnick (publisher -Germany)

Vanessa Muller (curator Kunsthalle Vienna -Austria)

Olga Pogasova (curator -Russia)

Pavel Prigara (director Manege Central exhibition Hall in St. Petersburg - Russia)

Vasili Tsereteliv (director MMOMA -Russia)

Alain Servais (collector -Belgium)

Marc Franco (advisor for Bozar -Belgium)

Rita Janssen (advisor for Bozar -Belgium)

Dr. Francisco Martinez (anthropologist -Spain)

Sebastian Cichocki (curator Warsaw Museum of Contemporary Art -Poland)

press coverage

17 - 20 May, 2018, Georgia

selected quotes and sources

“Tbilisi Art Fair restores pleasure to buying art.”

“It’s affordable, good quality, unspeculative—and the wine is great.”

“It reminded me of Basel fair in its early days, when it was an event among friends.”

“This is sure to be the Tbilisi Art Fair’s unique selling point; it is not a huge hustling event, but an opportunity to combine travel to a place of great interest, with a slower pace and art at affordable prices.”

“A fully-fledged art fair with 33 galleries, a particularly interesting section with Georgia photographs, good talks, and some excellent parties with rivers of the excellent wine for which Georgia is famous.”

“The artworks were high calibre, diverse in style and media, engaging and surprisingly affordable.”

“There was a great buzz and a lively energy. Each individual booth and each pavilion as a whole were beautifully curated. The great expanse of the pavilions allowed for a sense of intimacy with the works, with stands pleasantly spaced apart.” “TAF was accompanied by a number of wonderful satellite exhibitions and openings. a retrospective of Georgian photography from the 19th century to the present and provided an unforgettable visual journey.”

“The impressive VIP programme of events was accompanied by a welcome sampling of the famous Georgian wine and cuisine at unforgettably atmospheric restaurants.”

“The first edition of TAF proved that it is much more than just a fair. It is an immersive experience into one of the world’s oldest and warmest cultures, one that will have you coming back for more.”

“This one felt like a success.”

“A festive, convivial feeling, with homemade amber-colored wine flowing”.

“Sometimes one can get really stuck on the classic markets, London, Paris, New York… But it’s important to open up one’s horizons and engage also with these emerging economies.”

"A great atmosphere! If I did not know it was Tbilisi, I would easily think that this is London, for example, a very high level.”

“Some great foreign galleries came to the fair.”

“In the first hours were sold a dozen works, this is a success, it is very important.”

“Around the fair itself, the program is also very interestingly constructed, a very correct tone was chosen, avoiding an extravagant style.”

“What I have already seen, I really liked, I'm going to spend the whole day tomorrow here.”

“Right before our eyes Tbilisi is transforming into a buzzing hotspot for discovering new names in contemporary art.”

“It gives Tbilisi a chance to become a new hub for collectors, curators and contemporary art enthusiasts.”

“The art-set needs to travel to Georgia now.”

“Artworld VIPs from both sides of the Atlantic.”

“A bewilderingly busy programme of artistic events, allied to sumptuous and imaginative hospitality, meant no one can have gone home disappointed.”

“The Fair attracted some important galleries from Russia and Eastern Europe.”

“A showcase for Georgia’s emerging and dynamic domestic scene.”

“The ExpoGeorgia venue, must count as one of the world’s most scenic exhibition sites.”

“Stands were spacious and professionally lit, their content attractively varied – with a wide range of styles and media.”

“Georgia is surprisingly well-represented on the global contemporary art market.”

“A bustling program of parallel events.”

“Right now Tbilisi is coming in loud and clear.”

“More than thirty international galleries, with a pronounced regional accent.”

“It is something I have never wondered about Frieze, but the question crosses my mind here: do the directors and curators of galleries invited to participate in international art fairs think about their locality when deciding upon which artists and which artworks to show? It is an important question and one that Tbilisi Art Fair seems to succeed in asking.”

“The arts are flourishing in Georgia’s capital, with the seeds of creativity sown by a growing number of young artists and collectives eager to shake up the system”

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