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11 - 14 April




Address: Tbilisi, Simon Janashia street 13

Phone: 599 601 010

presented works

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artists presented


Ilia Balavadze

Oil painter , graphic artist

Graduated from Tbilisi A. Kutateladze Academy of Arts in 1994, subsequently working on monumental church painting until 2015. Since 2015, he has been involved in easel (secular) painting. Church painting has nourished his strong will and special attitude toward work. An assiduous artist, Balavadze does not shy away from experimenting, constantly switching between media, materials, textures. He is daring when it comes to picking styles and stories, creating a variety of dissimilar series. Inspired by world culture, his artistic images exhibit internal dynamism and strong emotional expressiveness. His creative imagination and high artistic skill underpin the exceptionality of his works.

Tinatin Tskhadadze

Oil painter, graphic artist, illustrator

A representative of the 1990s generation, Tinatin graduated from the Department of Visual Arts of the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in oil painting. In 2017, she started working on the Georgian Dark series, a gallery of vastly expressive artistic images. Its main theme encompasses generalized, abstracted stories about Georgian woman , also studying the secret aspects of their characters. Arguably, the uniqueness of this series is largely defined by a refined attitude toward the ethnic Georgian type. The artist not only deals perfectly with the difficulty accompanying this theme, but also demonstrates its idiosyncrasy and boundlessness each time. The artist’s skill, moderation, and broad vision buttress the distinctiveness and high artistic value of Tskhadadze’s characters.

Undoubtedly, the Georgian Dark series has become the artist’s calling card.