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11 - 14 April

Mathilde Nicol

contact information:

Instagram : @mathilde_nicol

Email :

Adress : 53 Traverse Rampal 13012

Phone : +33777955753

Ripple Space, 2023

220 x 140 cm, Fabric composition with cotton,

Fraizen Street, Muizenberg, Cape Town

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After obtaining a degree in sociology, Mathilde Nicol obtained her Matser degree from the Beaux-Arts de Marseille in 2022. In 2023, she completed a research residency in ceramics in Cape Town, in the studio of artist Jenny Chadwick. She is currently conducting researching the forest landscapes of the Montagne Noire near Carcassonne in the south west of France. This work has given rise to the project To live in a ressource-territory or how does the mushrooms grow when there is no more forest    recently exhibited in Marseille as part of the group exhibition La Relève 6 at the Château de Servières. This project will give rise to a work of docu-fiction, as well as transmission workshops with the with the Châteauvert contemporary art center. Finally, she is currently taking part in the Curriculum Chromé, a professional training program in Marseille.

In her work, sculptures merge through an installation process with various elements made of materials such as concrete, metal and ceramics, to create nodes of fiction.  These are nourished by peripheral or forgotten stories and legends linked to the places where she lives, which become grounds for research and encounters. Studio practice plays an important role, and her sculptures are marked by the time spent repeating gestures and multiplying forms. This back-and-forth process allows fiction to emerge while remaining sensitive to reality.

Ripple Space approach architecture through undulation. Georges Perec says that space is full of incertitude. As the french author says, we always need to question spaces where we live. With these fabrics compositions started in South Africa in 2023, Mathilde Nicol insert à kind of trouble, like a wave, in spaces where they take place. Because at first, space is politic.