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11 - 14 April

Hector Gachet

contact information:

Instagram : @ banyspic

Email :

Adress : Arles, France

Phone : + (33) 0768587785

Arles, France

Venus, Série Excedant, 2023

22x11x4 cm, Ceramic, prix 

« Confort », Série Folies, 2023

21x21x8 cm, Fennel wood, recyclable limestone particles, pigments, oil, acrylic, iron oxide, prix 

«Excédant n°4», 2023

«Excédant n°4», 2023

MAPS, 2023

studio view, prix

...more at taf view_on_google_map

Arles-based artist Hector Gachet (*1992) studied visual arts visual arts in Switzerland at the ECAL (École Cantonale

d’Art de and ceramics during his DNSEP (Master degree), which he obtained in 2020 at the Beaux-Arts de Marseille.

After living in Marseille’s Calanques at the Friche de l’Escalette where he learned about minerals and oxides, he moved to Arles and continued his research during a residency at La Kabine Centre de l’Image. His work has been exhibited in France (VAGUE TYS, La Totale Group Exhibition), Switzerland (Wunderkammer and Circuit in Lausanne, Kunsthaus Glarus, Quark in Geneva, WallRiss in Fribourg) and in Belgium (Brasserie Atlas). Hector Gachet is developing a multidisciplinary practice

environmental issues. Using an architectural and decorative glossary, he explores the discrepancy between affect, the elemental space of intimacy, and the mechanical reality of matter. To achieve this, the eye plays a key role.

The simplicity of his installations a certain resonance with the exhibition space. The objects produced conjure up different scales and convey a variety of landscapes. The status of these is not clearly defined, and oscillates between everyday and artifact. He uses fabrics that look like geological maps, terracotta skins simulating a landslide simulating a landslide, birds’ nests presented as architectural follies. Discreet fictions are incorporated into each proposition, recounting a reality both divided and multiple.