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11 - 14 April

Shirin Shahroudi

contact information:

Shirin_shahroudi instagram


Div (Farsi) demon

50 cm


Div (Farsi) demon

Material: plaster

Height: max 70 cm

800 $

Div (Farsi) demon

max 30 cm

800 $

...more at taf view_on_google_map

Shirin shahroudi, born in tehran, 11th April, 1978, studied fine arts in tehran at university of the

arts and architecture in 2001- 2003, awarded the diploma of art and design, Bachelor of Arts in

interior and spatial design at university of the arts London.

My ongoing project which I started 2016, I expelled demons from me, every one has good and
bad within them. We are the one to choose.
kindness is the language a good human speaks fluently, a good person is one who always
chooses to do the right thing, even when it’s not easy. The world needs more good humans who
strive to make a positive difference. Empathy is the foundation of being a good human. There is
no right side in any war, treating mankind with equal values and peace all over the world is my
only wish that I hope it comes to the world