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11 - 14 April


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Address: Tsinamdgvrishvili Str 39

Phone: 551344267

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Untitled, 2024

135 x 180 cm. Acrylic on canvas

2 500 EUR

Untitled, 2024

106 x 90 cm. Acrylic on canvas

1 500 EUR

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For more than ten years, as an artist, I have been developing my personal projects and creating stencils, paintings, urban interventions, installations, statues, street poetry, and mosaics in Georgia and beyond. My artworks mostly address human rights, social, environmental, and political issues such as social inequality and discrimination, pollution, climate change, corruption etc. I tend to use different mediums, materials, and platforms in my work. My portfolio (including street murals, stencils, mosaics, street poetry, paintings) is accessible on