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11 - 14 April

Levan Chelidze

contact information:


Address: Erekle Tatishvili street 9

Phone: 577 553 553 


Holly Family

Oil on canvas,150 x 150 cm, 2020

5000 USD

Holly Family

Oil on canvas,150 x 150 cm, 2020

5 000$


Oil on canvas, 90 x 74 cm, 2019

3 000$

...more at taf view_on_google_map

Levan Chelidze

Born 1980 in Tbilisi, Georgia

Lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia


2006 / 2012 Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Tbilisi Georgia 2004 / 2006

Nikoladze Art College, Tbilisi, Georgia

Levan Chelidze paints an eclectic mix of portraits—of both people and
animals— still lives, and landscapes of the Georgian region of Racha. He is
also interested in Biblical themes.

In the era when almost everyone has a camera in their phone, and many
artists use photos as the basis for their portraits, Chelidze still takes a
traditional approach and requires his subjects to sit and pose. He is a
master at capturing their essential features. But he also plays with
perceptions, by setting their ‘real’ form, as he sees it, against imaginary
backgrounds. What his subjects wear in his paintings—or sometimes don’t
wear—similarly come from Chelidze’s fantasies, and not necessarily from

reality. Even while depicting Biblical themes, he aims at finding that non-
spatial point or that non-timely moment, where the present meets

historical and mystical past. Subjects of Chelidze’s paintings are typically
beautiful, sexy and noble. He paints people that he admires. Another
common feature of his work is that there is often a disconnect between the
realism of the main figure and the rest of the painting, whose meaning is
often left intangibly vague.

Chelidze’s portraits can seem unfinished, and sometimes that is the reality.
If one of his subjects is unable to return for another sittings, that’s it—he
finishes the portrait at that point and paints the background instead. It gives
his paintings a disarming honesty, making them more emotionally free, and
less formal.