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11 - 14 April

Tamar Gurgenidze,Giorgi Khaniashvili, Salome Gelashvili

contact information:



Phone:  598176163


Salome Gelashvili

Migration 2024

oil on canvas, 60x70cm


Tamar Gurgenidze

procelain 2024

Edition 1/3 (+1 A/P) 14*17*24cm


Untitled 2024

40x60, oil on cancas 

3 000 $

...more at taf view_on_google_map

Salome Gelashvili, a Georgian artist born in 1991

I have been interested in art since my childhood. My major is a fine art, and I have a bachelor's degree I graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of the Arts in 2010-2015. from 2016 to 2020 lived and studied in Nanjing China where I graduated with a master's degree in fine art majoring in oil painting. Currently, I'm living in Georgia and working at my studio.

Tamar Gurgenidze
In 2014 I obtained my Bachelor degree at Tbilisi State Academy of Art (TSAA), where I
studied painting. During my study I have shown an interest in different media, as a
result my Bachelor’s work was video art. I have been involved in creating 3D video,
painting, and ceramics. I live and work in Tbilisi

Giorgi Khaniashvili studied painting at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Giorgi works
with woodcut reliefs and sculptures, painting, clay as a material. His artwork has been
exhibited in numerous exhibitions, including at the D. Shevardnadze National Gallery
(Tbilisi), The Georgian National Film Studio and Popiashvili Gvaberidze Window Project