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11 - 14 April

Sophio Mamaladze

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“Whisper of freedom” 2023

190X155cm,  Oil on canvas

5 500 $

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sopho Mamaladze is a Georgian Artist. (2001) Her interest in art started back in her childhood. First, she

made sculptures of people from "another world", when she was 8 years old. This is when the relationship

between her and art began and she believes it will never end. 

  “Art is something that is constantly changing, and a true artist is someone who is constantly searching

for himself/herself. I love to experiment, and the most fascinating process at work is to constantly express

my emotions through different materials and styles.” - says Sopho.

When Sopho was about 10 years old, she started working in the studio of famous Georgian artists (Lia

Shvelidze and Mamuka Tshekladze), where they often had workshops and meetings with other artists.

A few years later, in 2019, she was successfully enrolled in the Tbilisi State Art Academy, and in 2021-

2022, she was fully funded by Erasmus+ exchange program and got the opportunity to study for 6 months

in Paris at ENSAPC (Ecole nationale supérieure d'arts de Paris,Cergy). During this period, she had

exhibitions in Milan and Spain, as well as group exhibitions in Tbilisi and abroad.

Sopho also have participated in Luxor International Painting Symposium and in several group exhibitions

in europe.

At the end of 2022, She had her first personal exhibition in Berlin. The exhibition was held in the

residence of Martin Rennert (former rector of Udk) and Ekaterina Rennert, where Minh An Szabó de Bucs

was the curator of the event.

After that, in 2023, Sopho had a solo exhibition at Atinati’s culture center 

Currently she is a last year bachelor’s degree student at Tbilisi State Academy of Art in the field of Fine

Arts and in the next year she is planning to continue her master studies in europe.

When you Sopho about what feeds her art , her answer is: “In my paintings I never ask the question -

why? Because I think the restriction "insults" the art, which I think is felt in my work. I use many colors that

allow me to express myself better. I often use mixed media to learn more about my abilities.

In the process of drawing series, ideas are often changed and formed, during the process of depicting this

idea, the path is broken, and I try to trust and follow this path as much as possible.

 Recently, I have explored the themes and symbolism of animals and birds, mythology, human

subconsciousness, and especially in creating the last series, I was captivated by how the world is

connected with human being and animal. Earlier, if the main subject of research was a person, now I try

to express what happened around him or her in my works.

Also, half a year ago, I found a new way – the washing technique, which gives me more courage in the

process of painting, which I think is a necessary quality for an artist.

Compared to others, this technique includes different materials, which gives me a deep image on the

surface of the canvas, not a flat one, a vague and nostalgic character, as if something was painted

before, then erased, although some part is still visible, which tells the story by itself, like a fresco”.