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11 - 14 April

Lizi Budagashvili

contact information:

Contact Information:



instagram: @lizzyaart

facebook: lizi budagashvili art


“Flowers from the Field”

oil and graphite on paper 


600 USD

"Sometimes It Takes You a Long Time to Sound Like Yourself"

monotype on paper (polyptych)


500 USD

“When Everybody Leaves”

Mokulito and woodcut print on paper (Diptych)

600 USD

“Offerings to Memories”

Monotype, collage, and embroidery on paper 

56X58 cm

400 USD

“Summer Memory”

Monotype on paper 61X56 cm

400 USD 


Monotype on paper 61X56 cm

600 USD


Etching on paper 20X25 cm

300 USD

“Furthest Pond from Me”

Collagraph print on paper 36X40 cm

300 USD 


Monotype on paper 41x44 cm

600 USD 

“Blue Hour”

Monotype on paper 

400 USD

Returning, 2020

40 x 40 cm. Oil on paper

300 $

Lake Coast, 2020

40 x 40 cm. Oil on paper

300 $

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Lizi Budagashvili (B.2000) is an artist born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia. She is currently based in NYC pursuing her MFA at New York Academy of Art. She received her BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design. Her work reflects the life experiences of having to spend years away from her motherland. Her figurative paintings and prints are mainly based on childhood experiences and explore dissociation from home while reproducing a nostalgic feeling evoked by distant memories.