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11 - 14 April





Address: pavle ingorokva str. 20

Phone: +995 551140612, +995 595997001

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Corridor presents

Exploring Technical Contrast and Contextual Dialogue: The Artistic Journeys of

Mako Lomadze and Lika Eristavi

Welcome to an evocative exploration of texture, technique, and theme through the

works of two young and remarkable artists, Mako Lomadze and Lika Eristavi. This booth

presents a curated selection that celebrates their distinctive styles, diverse techniques,

thematic depth and shared spirit of innovation.

Mako Lomadze explores texture and memory in the medium of oil on canvas. Her works

are a testament to the power of this medium to convey depth, both visually and

emotionally. Including series like "Land of Invisible Bugs," a tragic yet aesthetically

vibrant portrayal of an unseen world drawn from the artist's childhood memories and

fears; "Contrasts of Softness and Strength," an exploration of materiality contrasting the

tactile sensations of latex, silk, and the artist's interpretation of character and substance;

and "Bones, Thorns, and Soap Bubbles," delving into themes of resilience and fragility,

Lomadze's work symbolizes the delicate balance between endurance and ephemeral

beauty. She invites viewers into a world where the tactile experiences of her childhood

memories in western Georgia blend with profound explorations of existence. Her art

defies natural logic, creating a space where the chaotic interplay of colors and textures

mirrors the complexity of human resilience and vulnerability.

Lika Eristavi uses mixed media to create her visual narrative. Her debut exhibition,

"Chapter I," showcases a journey through various artistic experiments, culminating in a

body of work rich with eclectic energy and sincerity. With a background that spans

international relations to design and mixed media, Eristavi's work defies easy

categorization, embodying the essence of outsider and Brut Art with a deeply narrative

and personal touch. From textiles to ceramics and painting, Eristavi crafts visual stories

that ponder the intricacies of everyday life, love, and existential musings.

Eristavi’s work is a dialogue with personal and collective history, blending old and new

to create visuals that bridge past and present. Through a bold use of materials and

narrative symbolism, her art invites reflection on the simple yet profound aspects of

human experience, underpinned by a humorous yet optimistic outlook.

This booth is a celebration of the divergent paths of two female artists at different stages

in their careers. From Mako Lomadze's textured oil paintings that delve into the depths

of personal and existential exploration to Lika Eristavi's mixed-media works that blend

narrative complexity with a playful defiance, they both draw inspiration from their life

paths and personal and social explorations. We invite you to experience the rich

tapestry of stories and styles that define their art. Discover the unique ways in which

these artists navigate the realms of memory, material, and meaning.

Founder and Curator