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TAF and Art Vilnius '22

22-25 September
Expo Georgia
118 Tsereteli Avenue

Art Vilnius and TAF continue their collaboration with two artists presented this year: 

Andra Vau, video installation

Poets never sleep, 2017

Audra Vau (b. 1970) is a multimedia artist specialising in photography and video. He has exhibited numerous times at the Contemporary Art Center and Jonas Mekas Center in Vilnius, König Gallery and Max Lust Gallery in Vienna. Audra Vau also took part in the exhibition Edge of Chaos curated by Vita Zaman and Nicola Vassell, during Venice Biennale in 2015 He is a regular participant in Art Vilnius.

“Despite the fact that I had met Jonas Mekas many times, there was always the impression of a failed meeting. People of this caliber seem inaccessible, it is almost impossible to “hang out” with them, there is no possibility for personalism, coziness. Thus, the main idea of the video portrait was to give all viewers the opportunity to be face to face with a powerful artist, that is, even though many people watch this work at the same time, Jonas looks at each one personally. There are other interpretations, such as, no matter what happens around, Mekas is filming and filming, and filming…”. Audra Vau

Mindaugas Tendziagolskis

The red carpet, 2013

Mindaugas Tendziagolskis (b. 1975) is a sculptor, ice sculptor, ice show performer, actor, artist, poet, and art licensee.

Who among us hasn’t dreamt of walking majestically on the red carpet? Our desire to feel important and our pretentiousness lead us into a trap of our own making. Vanity and self-centeredness come at a price.