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11 - 14 April

key figures

14 - 21 May, 2019, Georgia

12000 Visitors

29 Galleries

38 Hive (artists space)

6 Books and Art Multiples shops

250$ to 55000$ Approximate price range of artworks sold

1219 Bottles of wine served to guests


14 - 21 May, 2019, Georgia


The Art Gorgeous, The Art Newspaper, Le Quotidien de l'Art, ARTSY, The Calvert Journal, The Free Press Journal, Cool Hunting and many more

Art professionals (International)

Anna Somers Cocks (Founder the Art Newspaper) Sigrid Gloerfelt (collector, France) Jean-Philippe Reza (collector, France) Gilles Gaston Dreyfus (collector, France) Angelica Larrain Maroto (collector, France) Pascal Pillu (collector, France) Sebastian Neuser (director Werner Gallery, Germany) Stephane Cristol (collector, France) Christian Brockstedt (collector, Belgium) Natalia Akhmerova (collector, Russia) Kamel Mennour (gallerist, France) Charlotte Philips (collector, UK) Ludovic Delalande (Louis Vuitton Foundation, France) Keimis Henni (collector, France) Jeff Cowen (artist - USA) KATIE MELUA (singer - UK, GEORGIA) Leigh Breslau and Irene Sherr (collectors - USA) Nicolas V. Iljin (advisor to the director of State Hermitage - France) Irina Kronrod (Sotheby’s - UK) Sandy Angus (Angus Montgomery - UK) Rainald Schumacher (curator - Germany) Vasili Tsereteli (director MMOMA - Russia, Georgia) Marc Franco (advisor for Bozar - Belgium) Rita Janssen (advisor for Bozar - Belgium) Dirk Vermaelen (Europalia, Belgium) Nikola Palazhenko (art basel, Russia) Chloe Enstad (Art Forum) Noemi Smolik (Frieze Magazine) Yulia Belousova (The Art Gorgeous) Attilia Fatori Franchini (curator, Italy) Rafael Pic (Le Quotidien de l’Art) Nicola Zanella (il sole 24 ore, Italy

press coverage

14 - 21 May, 2019, Georgia